Western University of Health Sciences


Don’t look down, look up

photo of the sky at night stars, rock

Houman Tazhibi

COMP–Pomona student

When I look up at the sky and see the galaxy and stars moving, I can’t help but think what infinitesimally small creatures we are in the vastness of this universe. This daunting thought immobilizes me with the feeling that my actions are meaningless, minuscule.

Yet, it shouldn’t. In the words of Carl Sagan, “We are starstuff.” If we look to the mirror, we realize that we are the result of a fantastical, cataclysmic explosion spanning millions and billions of years. Use the combination of molecules that make you who you are to improve the lives of others. Call your grandma, compliment a stranger, help a friend. These minute actions, by such a small being, can result in such a large impact in the world. Don’t look up and fret; look up and inspire.