Western University of Health Sciences


How may I refer to you today?

Halley Egnew

COMP-Northwest student

how? may I?

—ah yes
I’m glad you asked
for some days I am more myself
that is I am the light upon the grass I am
the mirror cracked the same thing changed

today I come to you as me
—but I am also many things

I am the summer’s sweet moon child fat
and dripping in the silver light I am
the rosy bride blushing with
what I know that I do not know with hope I am
bigger and smaller depending on the day I am
reading my old letters and throwing them away

I am forgetting the oven as it shouts and smokes and
I am tasting the charcoal and burning my toast I am
laughing at the world from the mountaintop I am
stumbling I am shrinking I am
a cracked teapot

today, I feel old
I carry caramels in my shoe
I measure my life in coffee spoons
I quote poetry to you

I have fallen on the floor and pretend to seize
oh—it’s just a sneeze
my dear
my dear
—I am you