Western University of Health Sciences


How the virus changed our vibes

Anandi Law, BPharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA

Associate Dean of Assessment, Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Administration, WesternU College of Pharmacy

So much has changed in how we conduct our days
Perspective is what we have in changing our ways

From rushed breakfasts to crazy traffic and cussed hates
Packed meetings project updates
Our lives packed with busyness
Our egos stacked with self-importance

Along came a tiny invisible bug spreading its toxin far and wide
Made mincemeat of our carefully laid plans and pride
Neutralizing equalizing at every level of humanity
We finally achieved class caste color gender parity
Alas in infections and death rates
All we watch is the percentage increase within the dates

Epidemiological terms are now spoken freely
Statistical tests and clinical significance are referred to daily
Treatments once known only to oncologists and ID labs
Are now on the lips of all and sundry naming hydroxychloroquine and MABs
Our ammo consists of washing hands to Lysol sprays to staying in place
Like wartime talk we all know of N95s and PPE shortage

How can one or one billion microorganisms seen only on a slide
Change the global economic and social tide
In all the negativity that it’s brought
Science is with politics fraught
We see hope we see kindness
We see most of all innovation and mankind’s genius
For once our differences we defy
This bug has a strange power to unify

In all the lofty technology we used to make PnL statements and business data analytics
Now reduced to beating this pestilence with the same tactics
What has changed — a lot
What has changed — Maybe not
We used to be on social media and yet distanced
Now we socially distance and use social media with good sense

Maybe this is nature’s way to make us notice and rally
A chance to undo redo move forward more thoughtfully

Our healthcare professionals are now our heroes
Saving lives and living the horrors

As we wait with bated breath for the rapid test kits and vaccines
We pile up stocks we stay indoors we live those (same but different) busy days on Zoom-ins