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LOVE is the universal language…

photo of Chino, California from a hiking trail. The San Gabriel mountains are in the background.

Lauren D’Souza

MSHS Student

LOVE is the universal language that gives and receives to the condition of the human soul. In a time of uncertainty, love conquers fear. My dream of love is eternal.

Chasing Dreams

Feel the opportunity of self-actualization
To challenge the safety net of the comfort zone
Every failure as a step towards growth
Conquer past limitations in breaking mental barriers

Dreaming of infinite possibilities all day, all night
Waking up every day to hustle harder
Crawling, Walking, Jumping, Running over pesky hurdles
Adapting to new places, people, and passions

Bold enough to dare to dream
Challenges accepted when building a team
Entrepreneur spirit to envision strategies
Slowly burning the midnight oil

Turning weary eye bags into insight one day
However, there is no greater wealth than prioritizing your health
Naysayers will retort; prove them wrong by relying on yourself as support

Enjoy the journey of twists and turns
When you become successful see your opponents burn
Embrace your inner prowess for all to beam
For failure is the first attempt in learning when chasing dreams

photo of blocks spelling the word Love on a tree stump
Love button with handmade wooden Love sign by Lauren D’Souza, MSHS student


Love one another deeply from the heart
Open your soul to give and receive
Virtuous spirits become entwined
Endure the feeling and condition of human beings

photo of a stream through a rocky space surrounded by trees
Monrovia Mountains, by Lauren D’Souza, MSHS student


Provide unity to the world
Excellence comes our way
At times when needed the most
Core values tie us as one
Existence blooms to weave our peaceful dreams

photo of Pomona valley from atop the Claremont Loop hiking trail
Claremont Loop, by Lauren D’Souza, MSHS student


Hear the voices of the world
Unite their feelings of empathy for humanity
Music of all kinds brings soul to science
Aware of change to be more caring to each other
Nitid sunflowers give rays of hope
Intentions for peace throughout the land
Souls search for justice and truth
May humans place divine connection of deep feeling in the heart where a union of spirits blossoms

photo of woman wearing a face mask on hiking trail next to sunflowers
Sunflowers in San Dimas, CA, with Lauren D’Souza, MSHS student.
Turtles stacked on Lake Shrine, Malibu, California.
Turtles stacked on Lake Shrine, Malibu, CA, by Lauren D’Souza, MSHS student